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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Justice delayed?

Second attorney wants delay

By David Baker
Posted Thursday, February 21, 2008

An attorney for Samaritan Hospital has now joined in a request for an extension of the time in which to respond to my motion for summary judgment.

The return date in my motion was this Monday, Feb. 25, giving them two weeks. Both attorneys want that extended by 30 days.

Doing everything possible to put off a resolution of a lawsuit is standard procedure for defense attorneys, particularly when they know they have a weak case.

One of Samaritan's lawyers has written to the judge, saying she too wants an additional four weeks to file an answer. She gives no reason for wanting more time to respond. And she too made no attempt to first try to get an adjournment by agreement with me.

I have written to the court, opposing this latest delaying tactic, which comes from the same lawyers who for four months repeatedly said they were prepared to discuss a possible settlement but kept coming up with excuses - even to the judge - instead of starting a negotiation.