Lisa Zenzen Baker, 1961-2003


Friday, November 11, 2005

"Doe" defendant named

“Mary Doe” nurse identified

Lawyers representing Samaritan Hospital have now named the nurse who was responsible for providing direct treatment and care to Lisa in Room 4018 on the night her blood sugar level dropped to almost zero, allegedly causing the catastrophic injures that led to her death.

The nurse is identified as Mary Ann D. (Lee) Salvana. Now 33 years old, Salvana is still working at the hospital, according to the legal document.

In the initial lawsuit, this person was listed as “Mary Doe” because her signature in the medical records is unclear.

The lawyers also provided a copy of her resume.

In response to a legal demand, they have also disclosed the names of four other nurses who were working on the fourth floor of the hospital in the hours before Lisa was found near death. One of the four was employed by an outside employment agency based in Saratoga Springs.

The other three were and are still employees of Samaritan Hospital.

But despite this, the hospital is claiming in its legal response that it has no information in its records on the qualifications, education and experience of these three employees.

The lawyers representing Lisa’s estate are now moving to add these four individuals as named defendants in the lawsuit. Once that is done, their names will be listed here.

All five are scheduled to be questioned in depositions scheduled for November 7, 8 and 9.