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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Permanent injuries alleged

 Hospital named in
 missed diagnosis claim

By David Baker
Posted Feb. 12, 2015
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A woman who allegedly was permanently injured when a case of appendicitis was not immediately diagnosed at Samaritan Hospital in Troy N.Y. has filed a lawsuit against the hospital.

According to a brief notice, Nicole Matala, of Cambridge, Washington County  went to the emergency room at Samaritan on May 11, 2013. But the condition was not diagnosed until the next day.

“There was a failure to timely consider, diagnose and timely and appropriately treat and medically and surgically manage the plaintiff/patient’s condition,” the notice says. “As a result of the delays in consideration, diagnosis, treatment and management of the plaintiff/patient’s condition she suffered serious and permanent injuries and consequences, pain, suffering and damages.”

The suit was filed by Troy attorney E. Stewart Jones. As has been noted in pervious posts on the this blog, Jones has for several years filed lawsuits against medical providers with only a summons with notice rather than a more detailed complaint.

In addition to the hospital, the suit also names Northeast Health, Inc. and St. Peter’s Health Partners, Inc. No doctors or other staff are named as defendants.