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Monday, November 17, 2014

Infant injured

Lawsuit: Permanant birth
 injuries caused by doctor

By David Baker
Posted Monday Nov. 17, 2014
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A couple who allege that their baby received serious permanent injuries when a doctor ignored the mother’s pleas for a cesarean section delivery and instead used forceps are suing the doctor and two medical practices.

Named in a complaint filed on January 10, 2014 in Rensselaer County are Dr. Christopher A. Bloss, OB/GYN Health Center Associates, and Community Care Physicians.

According to the complaint, Laura Daly of Troy was admitted to St. Peter’s Hospital – which is not a defendant – for an induction of labor. On that day – July 2, 2012, she signed a consent form for a cesarean section. After being in labor for the next two days, Daly "pled" for her baby to be delivered by cesarean section. That request was noted in her medical chart and an anesthetist was called.

The suit alleges that “…the defendant, Christopher A. Bloss, M.D., ignored plaintiff’s request for a cesarean section and used forceps on two separate occasions in an effort to deliver the infant plaintiff. Due to the failure to perform the cesarean section when the plaintiff requested it, the infant plaintiff sustained serious and permanent injuries including but not limited to, a depressed fracture deformity of the left parietal bone and a subdural hematoma over the right and left pareital bone.”

As a result, the complaints says, the baby “… has been permanently handicapped; has suffered impairment injuries; will lose considerable sums of money by virtue of an inability to either obtain employment or reach the level of employment she otherwise would have been able to attain; and will require life-long medical care and treatment.”

The complaint demands damages for the future medical care, rehabilitation and institutionalization of the child.

The lawsuit was filed by the Albany law firm Powers & Santola.

Representing the defendants is Carter, Conboy, Case. Blackmore, Maloney & Laird.