Lisa Zenzen Baker, 1961-2003


Friday, November 11, 2005

Second lawsuit filed

New lawsuit names nurses

Four nurses who were working at Samaritan Hospital in Troy on the night Lisa received injuries that led to her death are named as defendants in a second lawsuit in the case.

Lisa died at Samaritan Hospital in December 2003, three weeks after she was found in her hospital bed with a blood glucose level of 2.
A normal blood glucose level is between 80 and 130.
The lawsuit, filed on Nov. 29 in state Supreme Court, Saratoga County, is the second in this case. The first suit, filed in March, names Samaritan Hospital, Northeast Health Inc. – which operates the hospital – as well as two doctors, and a nurse identified as “Mary Doe.”
The “Doe designation was necessary because the identity of the nurse could not be determined from records obtained from the hospital.
The new suit names nurses Mary Ann Salvana, Elza Villajuan, Mary Kay Keller and Marie Martin as defendants
Also named is Staff Relief Services of Saratoga, an agency by which Martin was employed under a contract with the hospital.
Both lawsuits allege that hospital staff improperly administered insulin.


A story that ran on Dec. 3 in the Daily Gazette said the new lawsuit is against ".. four nurses who were working at (Samaritan) hospital on the night Lisa died."

In fact, the new lawsuit names four nurse who, according to legal documents obtaned from Samaritan's attorneys, were working on the night Lisa received injuries that allegedly led to her death three weeks later.

Also, the headline incorrectly stated that the new lawsuit is aganst a hospital. In fact, no hospital in named in the new filing.

A request was made on Dec. 5 for an acknowledgement of these mistakes. As of Dec. 10, none had appeared.