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Friday, June 13, 2014

Troy hospital sued

Suit alleges injuries
 from post-op fall

By David Baker
Posted June 13, 2014
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The widow of a man who fell from his bed in St. Mary’s Hospital in Troy while recovering from hip surgery is suing the hospital and its two parent companies.

According to the suit, Leonard Guyette, a known fall risk, died in January 2014, 18 months after he was found on the floor in the hospital.

The suit names St. Mary’s, Seton Health Systems, St. Peter’s Health Partners and St. Peter’s Health Partners Medical Associates, PC.

The suit was filed by the Latham law firm Conway & Kirby.

This case has not yet been assigned to a judge. But an earlier malpractice lawsuit, filed by the same attorneys for the Guyettes against Albany Memorial Hospital in 2007,  is listed as settled prior to trial in April 2008.

Details of that case and any further information on the current suit will be posted here shortly.