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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Permanent injury alleged

Delayed biospy result
 prompts lawsuit

By David Baker
Posted  June 11, 2014
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A woman who alleges that the failure of a doctor to notify her of a positive test result caused her to be left a with permanent injury has filed a lawsuit against the doctor and a laboratory.

According to the suit, Christine Mills underwent a biopsy of tissue from her right knee at St. Mary’s Hospital in Troy. The tissue was sent first to the Seton Health System Laboratory for testing and then, at the request of defendant Dr. Imrana M. Ali, to Albany Medical Center for a second opinion.

The second examination indicated a sarcoma.  However, Ali allegedly failed to inform either Mills or the doctor who performed the biopsy of the positive result.

The suit says the condition was not treated until four months after the tissue was obtained and that as a result “…Christine Mills was caused to sustain severe, catastrophic and irreparable physical and mental injuries and damages, as well as conscious physical and mental pain and suffering.”

The suit also names as defendants St. Mary’s Hospital and St. Peter’s Health Partners. It was filed in April 2014 by the Albany law firm Powers & Santola.