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Monday, February 17, 2014

Mission corrupted

More hypocrisy at 
the Albany Times Union

By David Baker
Posted Monday Feb. 17, 2014
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The blatant hypocrisy of management at the Time Union continues.  An editorial on Sunday contains the following boast:

“Facts are our stock in trade. Disseminating them is both our business and our mission.”

Except, of course, when applying that mission would affect the business of making money. Then, facts of obvious public interest that would reveal an advertiser’s dangerous conduct are not disseminated but instead are suppressed.

Previous TU editorials have railed against the corrupting influence of money, even as over the past 14 years the paper has ignored dozens of lawsuits filed against advertisers that have poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into its coffers.

One of the chapters in my forthcoming book will quote some of these statements, as well as boasts made in print by its egotistical and fundamentally dishonest editor.

The book – and its related web page – will ensure that this editor will soon be inextricably linked in the public’s mind with former physician Akiva Abraham – surely the most reprehensible individual ever to wear a white coat and roam the hospitals of the Capital Region.