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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Bedsores prompt complaint

                    Lawsuit over hospital
                    patient’s ulcers settles

By David Baker
Posted Saturday Nov. 3, 2012

A lawsuit in which a woman claims that she was damaged when during three separate admissions to St. Peter’s Hospital bedsores developed and were not properly treated has been settled.

According to the suit, Shirley Jurusik of Cohoes, NY was first admitted for treatment of a broken femur – the thigh bone – and while there and allegedly as a result of the negligence of the staff, she developed decubitus ulcers.

A month later she was readmitted for a intestinal condition when, the suit says, the existing ulcers were not properly treated.

Four months  later Jurusik was admitted to the Albany hospital for a third time, and again ulcers were allegedly allowed to develop.

In addition to St. Peter’s Hospital, the lawsuit named three ‘Doe’ defendants – employees or agents of the hospital who identities were unknown.

The lawsuit was settled in August of 2011, according to the court system’s Web page.  It had been set for an October 2011 trial.

Representing Jurusik was the Latham law firm Hacker, Murphy.  The hospital lawyers are listed as  D’Agostino, Krackeler, McGuire of Menands (now known as McGuire Cardona) of Menands.