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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Suppression sought

       Hospital in negligent-credentialing case
      wants to limit testimony of former doctor

By David Baker
Posted Thursday July 19, 2012 from near Norwich, England

Samaritan Hospital is asking the judge in a lawsuit that alleges the hospital was negligent when it granted and renewed privilieges to former gyneocoigist Akiva Abarham to preclude any questions at trial about the revocation of Abraham's medical license and his criminal conviction on a charge of insurance fraud.

Abraham, who is serving a 4 /12-to 12-year prison sentence, is scheduled to be brought under court order to the courthouse in Ballston Spa on Aug.1.  He is also a defendant in the lawsuit, which alleges that he performed an unauthothized and unnecessary procedure in 2004 that left plaintiff Susan Stalker of Waterford disfigured.

The notice of motion was placed online Thursday.  However, only the first page was scanned and there is at least a second page.  Also, it is one of two items that are listed as a receipt for a fee.  Both are the first page of the motion; the reciept itself is not on the page.  A motion would usually be accompanied by a memoramdum of law but if it was, it is not on the web page.

The state revoked Abraham's license in 2005.  In 2010 he was convicted of insurance fraud related to a fire that destroyed a nightclub building in Colonie.  Both these events that the hospital wants to suppress have been widely reported; it is the 6-year-old lawsuit itself, along with dozens of other medical malpractice suits, that has never been mentioned by the media.