Lisa Zenzen Baker, 1961-2003


Saturday, June 09, 2012

Recusal denied

Judge refuses to remove himself; throws
out claims involving his former law firm

By David Baker
Posted Saturday June 9, 2012

The judge assigned to Samaritan Hospital’s lawsuit against a web page listing medical malpractice lawsuits has denied a request that he remove himself from the case and has tossed out a counterclaim that alleges the hospital withheld medical records while it was represented by a law firm where the judge was a lawyer.

According to information posted on the court’s web page on Friday, Judge Andrew Ceresia denied the rescusal motion. He also granted the hospital’s request to throw out a counterclaim to its lawsuit  alleging that it withheld a doctor’s report during a lawsuit over the death in 2003 of Lisa Zenzen Baker.

Samaritan's lawyers - not Ceresia's former firm -  filed a reply to the recusal motion, asking the judge to remain on the case.

More information will be posted here once the written decisions have been received.