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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Letter released

Media silence on lawsuits:
why it hurts the public

By David Baker
Posted Thursday March 29, 2012

In July of 2011, I wrote a letter to George R. Hearst III, the publisher of the Times Union, and James K. Reed, CEO of Northeast Health, Inc. making the case that keeping details of lawsuits alleging medical negligence out of the media is against the public interest. I received no response.

Unknown to me, on the same day that letter was mailed Northeast Health, Inc. filed a lawsuit against me.

But having filed it, the lawyers didn’t take the next step and serve it on me.

Six weeks later, during a search for lawsuits against the company I found it and later served a counterclaim, forcing the company to proceed with its allegations and defend my claim.

Here, in its entirety and made public for the first time is the letter which apparently caused the management of Northeast Health to want to abandon its lawsuit against me. It is item #5 here: