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Sunday, September 06, 2009


Section 2

Steve Coffey

In 2006, an attorney who in 2005 had filed a lawsuit against Samaritan Hospital all but abandoned the case without telling me. As I searched for another attorney, I received a call from Stephen Coffey of O’Connell, & Aronowitz. This was a surprise because a few months earlier another partner in the same firm, citing a full case load, had declined to look at my case.

Now Coffey was saying that he would review my file with a view to taking over the case. But what he didn’t tell me was that his firm was already representing an organization that had as a member, Samaritan Hospital.

What happened next can only be seen by any reasonable person as a deliberate attempt over several weeks to get my case thrown out of court. Those events were described a series of posts on this page.

Coffey rejects case

Lawyers’ committee complaint

Coffey's revealing admission

The Committee on Professional Standards ruled, without any explanation, that Coffey’s actions were not misconduct and closed its filed. But after a detailed letter to a judge on the Appellate Division – of which the committee is a part – the committee agreed to “reconsider” my complaint. But several months later, again, with no explanation , it once again said it found no ethical breach.

That was before the committee knew that during a visit to the committee’s offices I had secretly recorded an extremely revealing 25-minute conversation with one of the committee’s investigators. A transcript of that encounter will be made public at a later date.


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