Lisa Zenzen Baker, 1961-2003


Friday, November 11, 2005

Some newspapers still have integrity

Newspaper story takes a hard look at medical errors

Newspaper editors in the Capital District may have suppressed news about medical errors while accepting hundreds of thousand of dollars of advertising revenue from medical providers, but there are still some jounalists around the country who haven't been bought. An article in a recent issue of The Detroit News is an example of that.

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GM and the Beast

Attorney’s actions may end lawsuit

The lawsuits pending against Samaritan Hospital and others over Lisa’s death are still on hold. Meanwhile, the attorney who took on and then abandoned the case has stated in writing that she will not provide any details of the hours she spent on the lawsuits.

As is reported in earlier postings on this blog, the attorney is Cynthia LaFave of Delmar

LaFave’s refusal to provide information that every client is entitled to - and her demand for as much as half of the attorney’s fees - may well result in the case being dismissed for a failure to prosecute.

And now there are indications that this is not the only case that has led to complaints about an attorney who appears to be both incompetent and arrogant.

But whether it goes forward or is discontinued, the events of the past three years will make a really revealing book. ( And no, nothing has yet been written, so no one need bother with a discovery demand).

Managers of medical facilities hate any kind of public attention on medical errors. They want everyone to believe that every hospital is a safe place.

The truth is very different. And as many as a million people have died over the past decade

The irony is that if the management of Samaritan had acknowledged the obvious back in 2003, I would likely now be living in England and few people would have heard about Lisa Baker’s tragic and unnecessary death. Instead, her case has already received more press than all the other ones filed in the past nine years.

And this is only the beginning.