Lisa Zenzen Baker, 1961-2003


Friday, November 11, 2005

Lawsuit delivered

Coffey lawsuit served

By David Baker
Posted Sunday, February 25, 2007

The lawsuit against attorney Stephen Coffey has been served

The summons and complaint was delivered to the law firm on Wednesday afternoon. The defendants now have 20 days to respond.

The lawsuit, which was filed on February 7 in Albany County, accuses Coffey, attorney Brendan J. Tully and others of deliberately delaying a review of Lisa's wrongful death case until a court-ordered stay ran out and the case could be dismissed.

The 15-page complaint also names as defendants the law firm of O'Connell & Aronowitz and other defendants whose identities are not yet known.

The entire document is now available on line as a PDF download. Simply send a request by e-mail to the following address and the summons and the complaint will sent back as an e-mail attachment.

The address is:

Meanwhile, the firm has yet to pay a Small Claims Court judgment obtained on January 29. The judgment is for $300, the amount that the judge in Lisa's case against Samaritan Hospital and others ordered paid to each of three defense firms for the cost of motions that were filed as a result of Coffey's failure to notify the firms of his interest in the case.

The money is due to be paid Wednesday, February 28. After that, judgment can and will be entered against the firm and steps taken to compel payment.